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Whatsapp is the ultimate solution for all of your communication needs. But apart from WhatsApp, many other moded applications work like WhatsApp with more customization and privacy options. Whatsapp Plus is one of those moded applications. If you feel bored and restricted while using WhatsApp, then this app is simply for you.

WhatsApp plus provides many customization options and privacy settings. This moded app helps you customize your regular boring WhatsApp to the way you like it. Aside from just customization and privacy settings, WhatsApp plus is an amazing and convenient app for multiple accounts, hiding your online status and disable blue ticks as per your needs.

Features of Whatsapp Plus Apk

WhatsApp plus comes with amazing and useful features. If you are not satisfied with the limited features of WhatsApp, then this app is just for you. This app provides:

  • Privacy: privacy has always achieved the highest level of priority. Everyone looks for the best privacy options when they download an app. That’s why the developer acted on privacy options and provided us with the following privacy options.
  1. WhatsApp plus helps you hide your online status
  2. Hide your writing status
  3. Hide your view status
  4. Hide your recording status
  5. Hide blue ticks and your double ticks
  6. Helps you hide your blue microphone
  7. Lock WhatsApp plus for extra security
  • Customizable settings: a whole lot of customizable settings are added in WhatsApp plus Apk so that you enjoy an endless variety of customization options. All of the options are:
  1. The app lets you create your stickers
  2. Various sticker packs can be downloaded from GBWhatsapp
  3. Auto-reply features
  4. A variety of themes
  5. A variety of customizable fonts
  6. Customizable conversation screen
  7. Customizable notification pop-up
  8. Customizable widgets
  9. Share videos up to 50 MB’s
  10. Share audio files up to 100 MB’s
  11. Share high-quality lossless images retaining the original quality
  12. Up to 7 minutes of videos in video status
  13. Create a backup of your data and restore it in any moded WhatsApp



Advantages of WhatsApp Plus Apk

The app comes with many amazing features that will quickly replace your old boring WhatsApp and help you enjoy messaging with its customizable features and let you feel secured with its extended privacy options. Some of the significant advantages of installing WhatsApp Plus are:

  • Hide your online status: If you are an introvert and don’t want to get in contact with other people, then this feature is just for you. This feature helps to hide your online status so that no one can see you online. As a result, you can do what you like to do without any interruption.
  • Hide your writing status: If you are stuck in an awkward situation and don’t know what to reply to, then don’t worry. This feature will hide your writing status so you can erase or write as much as you want to get the best answer because your writing status is off.
  • Numerous customization options: WhatsApp plus helps you customize your messaging experience so that you can never get bored. You can customize conversations, set a different wallpaper for all of your friends and much more with WhatsApp Plus
  • Auto-replies: this app allows you to set up an auto-reply so that whenever someone sends you a message, they will receive an auto-generated text. It will help you get back to them whenever you are free
  • Themes: you can design your WhatsApp plus the way you like it. There are so many themes available to choose from. So, download the theme of your choice and enjoy messaging.
  • High-Quality Multimedia: this app allows Sharing high-quality videos and images without having to worry about losing the original quality of the selected files.

And lots of other advantages make this app a perfect “go-to” app for you. So, download the app to enjoy a never-ending supply of features.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus

Everything has some drawbacks, and WhatsApp Plus is no exception. We already know, this app is a Moded version of the WhatsApp and WhatsApp know about all the moded applications out there. So, there is always a chance to get banned and, as a result losing your account and data. So, it is suggested to use a temporary or secondary account because no one would want their primary account to get banned.


After going through all the specs and details, it is clear that WhatsApp plus is the best app in terms of privacy and customization. So, download the app now and enjoy the exciting new features.




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