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WhatsApp is an astounding and notable communication platform with billion of users worldwide. But numerous clients complain about limited resources and customization options. FMWhatsapp comes to rescue such users. FMWhatsapp is another WhatsApp look-a-like moded application developed by Fouad Mokdad additionally designed numerous different applications such as Fouad WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Aero. Fouad filled the new FMWhatsApp with tons of customization and privacy features.

FMWhatsapp is an improved form of regular WhatsApp, and some people consider it far superior to WhatsApp. Hence there are no bugs or errors in the original WhatsApp, but lack of features in WhatsApp is a genuine issue. FMWhatsApp provides plenty of features that are similar to other moded applications except for that blue button. The blue button is what makes it different from all the other moded apps.

How to Download FMWhatsApp?

Sadly, being a moded application, it is not available on the play store or app store. But it can be downloaded from available online resources. The download procedure is similar to any other app downloaded from online sources. The downloading steps are:

  1. Download the FMWhatsApp from online sources
  2. Enable unknown sources from your phone’s setting to install third-party apps from google because, by default, it’s disabled.
  3. After enabling the option of unknown resources, go to the file manager of your phone and find the downloaded FMWhatsapp and then click on install to install it.
  4. After a few seconds, it will show that the App is installed.
  5. Open the App, insert the phone number, and it will ask you for a verification code sent to your phone number. Insert the OTP, and you are good to go.
  6. If you didn’t receive the OTP, you could get it via phone call.
  7. Once you are done with the verifications, you can now enjoy the fantastic features provided by FMWhatsApp

This is how you can download and install the App on your mobile phone and enjoy the endless features and privacy options.

Features of FMWhatsApp

Like many other moded WhatsApp application available online. The FMWhatsApp shares the same set of customization and privacy features. There is not much difference. But as compared to the original boring WhatsApp, The FMWhatsApp has a ton of elements to provide, and the moded applications are in demand. To get an idea of the features, check the list below:

  • Freezing last seen: Freezing the last seen is the feature that makes this App different from all other moded apps. In WhatsApp, if you turn your last seen of you can not see your friend’s last seen either. But in FMWhatsApp, you can turn off your last seen, but you can still see your friend’s last seen and stalk them if necessary.
  • Hide View Status: Just like last seen, you can hide your view status too. With this, you can still watch other’s status without them knowing. It will protect your presence in their status section, but they can never know that you have an eye on them.
  • Hide Blue Ticks: You can hide your blue tick, especially when you have a busy schedule to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Disable Forward Tags: Another fantastic yet straightforward feature is that you can disable the forward tags from the forwarded messages. Forwarding a message sometime leaves an off-base impression. To avoid that, disable the forwarded tags and make the text your own.
  • Save Deleted Messages and Status: Just like many other moded apps, FMWhatsApp saves all the deleted messages and statuses by your friends so that you can check them later and blackmail your friends.
  • Customization: Customization is an essential feature among all the moded applications. It is a critical element everybody needs. FMWhatsApp provides you with many customization options, including changing the conversation color, save different wallpaper of all of your friends, customize the notification bar, change the theme, and many other useful options.

These were a portion of the highlights provided by FMWhatsApp. Download the FMWhatsApp now to get a chance to explore all of the provided features and enjoy it.


Simple things could indeed be tedious sometimes even if they are correctly performing their jobs. To get rid of that boredom, we look for some fun and attractive alternatives. So, if you are looking for an attractive option to replace your boring messenger app, then FMWhatsApp will do the thing. Just download the App and enjoy the all-new look and features while having all the features of WhatsApp close by.



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