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Download MX Player Pro Apk 1.25.5 For Android

We all love watching videos, and there are many video players available on the android play store, and MX Player Pro is one of them. MX Player Pro is a video player developed by J2 Interactive and was released on August 6, 2011. The video player gained popularity in a short time. Thanks to its simple user interface and a variety of features.

Difference Between MX Player and MX Player Pro

There are two types of MX Player available on the play store. The simple MX Player is free with limited features, and the MX Player Pro is an advanced version which is available for purchase on android play store. MX Player Pro comes with many premium features like HW+ decoding, supports subtitles in many languages, Ads free video streaming, and multi-core decoding. In contrast, the free trial version lacks all these top notch highlights. From all the video player available on the play store, MX Player Pro is the only android video player that supports multi-core decoding. If we compare the performance, the multi-core decoder performs 70% better than single-core devices.

Features of MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro has many features, and some of the key features are listed below:

  • Regular android apps with the simple and clean interface have a separate fanbase, and MX Player Pro is one of them. The interface of the video player is designed very carefully so that anyone having any technical knowledge and background can use the app with ease.
  • Being a paid video player, it comes with premium features, and one of the most wanted features is that it provides Ads-free video streaming. Which means you will not be interrupted by pop-up Ads while watching your videos.
  • The video player provides hardware acceleration. MX Player Pro accelerate the hardware of the smartphone to increase and improve audio performance. To enable select HW+ from audio options and enjoy.
  • MX Player Pro uses Multi-core decoding, multi-core decoding has an edge of performance over single-core decoding. The test results show that the dual-core device’s performance is 70% more than the single-core devices.
  • It supports subtitles in many languages so that you can enjoy any international video or movie with subtitles.
  • MX allows you to zoom the scene you liked so that you can watch the scene again with more details and more clearly.
  • Natural gestures make this video player one of a kind. Just pinch to zoom in and out, swipe forward or backward, up and down, swipe down from left or right to easily navigate through the video.

What’s More in MX Player Pro Apk 1.25.5 for Android

As mentioned MX Player Pro is a paid application on the play store, and many users do not consider purchasing applications from play store; instead, they prefer free apps. MX Player Pro Apk is just for them. For the valued users, the Apk in 100% free in the form of an online download link. So, download the app now to enjoy all the premium features FREE!!


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