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Download GFX Tool 9.9.1 For Android (No Ban & No Lag)

Action and shooting games like PUBG and Fortnite have their separate fanbase. Fortnite is not very popular on smartphones, however PUBG is among the most popular games available for smartphones. For the individuals who don’t have a clue what PUBG is. Player unknown battleground, also known as PUBG, is a third-person online shooting game available on play store and app store. The game comprises of 100 players hop together on a far off island and battle against one another till the sole survivor stands.

PUBG is a high-end game that requires at least 2 GB of RAM to run smoothly on a smartphone. The smartphone must meet the minimum requirements to run the game, or else the game will make your phone slow and laggy. To overcome these types of situations. An App called GFX Tool comes to the rescue.

What is GFX Tool?

GFX Tool is an android application that provides many customization options for high-end games like PUBG and Fortnite. With GFX Tool, the gamer can adjust frames per second, Graphics quality, the aspect ratio of the game, and sound customizations. This app is an ultimate solution for gamers to run these games on their smartphones without having to worry about the system requirements.

Features of GFX Tool

  • GFX Tool has an essential and straightforward UI, which makes it easy to use for any android user.
  • The Tool lets you lower the game graphics as much as you want. Lower graphics will help you save mobile data as well as it will run smoothly on your android device.
  • GFX Tool lets you save the controls and settings for one game. Then, it also allows you to use that setting to any other android game. This will spare the altering time for you and encourages you invest more energy in the game.
  • The Tool comes with numerous game editing options like you can eliminate shadows in the game, change the frame rate, change the aspect ratio, graphics quality, audio customization, and many other useful options. This Tool is an all-in-one solution for all of your customization needs.
  • If your phone has less RAM or older android version, but you want to enjoy high-end games like PUBG, then with GFX Tool you can change the frames per second (FPS) of any game so that you can experience the game even with 2 GB of RAM and older android version.

What’s more in GFX Tool 9.9.1 For Android (No Ban & No Lag)

After going through the details about GFX Tool, it is clear that this the best solution for all of your gaming needs. GFX Tool is 100% free and also comes with no ban and no lag features. This means you can use GFX Tool without having to worry about getting a ban and with zero lags. So, download the GFX Tool today to play all of the high-end games on your smartphone with having full control of all the customization tools in your grasp.


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