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Lucky patcher complete review

Are you an active gamer who loves android games? you may have noticed that many apps come with locked levels, tools and privileges that you cannot access without making in app purchases or gaining coins or levels which at times is frustrating. If you also dislike apps full of advertisements, this app will be or great use to you. Lucky patcher is an application that will enable you to solve this problem among others. You will be able to play games, use your android apps without being disrupted by advertisements, purchases or locked levels among others.

What is Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is the best android hacking app that is very resourceful for android app users who want to block advertisements, remove system apps, modify system apps, bypass license verification, modify app permissions among other uses. To be able to access all these features, you will have to root your device, though you can access some of the listed features without rooting your device. Learn How to root your android device safely here

Lucky patcher is a  useful  app in hacking or modifying app permissions for some of the most poplar games like temple runner and subway suffers among many others. Lucky patcher app also bypasses credit checking system by google play store and this way, you will be able to access all paid app features for free.

The application also removes ads from installed applications, enabling users to operate the  appss without interruptions. The application can be installed to a device with android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and its only 6.5 GB in size. Though Google Protect will flag this application as a virus/ unsafe, it’s a trustworthy/verified application.

Lucky patcher features

  • Removes advertisements-With just a few clicks the app will remove ads that come with free apps. Most ads are annoying and lucky patcher will be able to disable them for you.
  • Unlimited access to coins, cash and other game resources– Lucky patcher enables users to access unlimited app purchases, coins, gems and other premium app features for free. For game users, the app will open access to any character, play any level car, weapon among others.
  • Access paid apps for free– This application enable users to access paid applications for free. Lucky patcher will by bypass license verification for this apps and enable users to access paid apps for free.
  • Ability to convert any application to system app-Lucky patcher enables android users to convert any application into a system application. The advantage of a system application Is that, it cannot be removed from the device by the user(uninstalled)
  • Ability to move an app to memory card storage-By using lucky patcher, you can move any application from the phones internal storage to a secondary storage device (memory card). This helps free up the devices primary storage for better performance.
  • Make free in app purchases– Lucky patcher enables users to make free and unlimited in app purchase for free. The app achieves this by bypassing google license verification and billing systems.
  • Finally, Lucky patcher supports backup of applications and files for later access incases a need arises. You can back up the files your pc, memory device or cloud.

System requirements for lucky patcher

This application works best in a rooted device. For more information on how to root your device safely,  please refer here


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